Hands down: It’s still a long way to go, but once started on a route, we know only one direction: Forward.

We are a young family business with little budget to invest, but we believe, actions foster impacts more than inactions. So here we are constantly evolving, re-thinking and considering our choices.

It’s little steps, and we want to take you with us on a journey to grow and become more and more sustainable aware in the long run. That’s why we are driven to build and create a recovery apparel brand that makes you feel good and relaxed after a workout, in mostly sustainably made garments.

Interested to learn more about our vision? Then just relax and keep reading:

Our vision is built on two pillars:

1) Female Empowerment

As experienced Marathon runners, we know what incredible potential resides within sportswomen, what it takes to release it and what it takes to achieve the goals we set upon ourselves. We believe that every sportswoman can achieve something extraordinary every day, going beyond the limits and beyond what others think may be impossible to accomplish.

With every race we race and every recovery day in between, we want to make women feel fabulous while resting it out after a strenuous workout. Our iconic signature designs reflect values like confidence, positivity and courage. Essentials, like forever relevant.

We know exactly how it feels to crush goals and to float on a Runner’s High. And we know how important it is to indulge into softness, in our favorite sweater or shirt that provides the freedom of movement and combines style, quality and comfort with the aspirations of a devoted sportswoman.


1) Sustainability

Let’s us share a short story about our founder to understand the actions we’re taking foregoing:

“A few years ago, I hiked up a mountain in Sumatra with a guide called Daniel. As we reached the top, being the only people near and far, I took a long moment to soak up the scenery that stretched out before me. Time has fallen like dust.

I saw the beauty of a wild jungle and the mists evaporating slowly unfolding like a carpet. I felt my jaw dropping several times. I hiked through the thickest jungle I’ve possibly ever hiked, and heard the screams of monkeys that filled the jungle vibes with life. I felt my adventurous heart filled with the sweats of happy memories. I smelled the faraway smokes of burned down forests, too and remembered driving past empty plains, wrecked from logging.”

Little did I know what impact these fragments would have on me later. The mere thought that this magnificent place would be gone one day, didn’t even pop up in my mind back then.

It has taken me a journey of four years to realize that the vast greens of jungles are becoming more and more brown. Four years to wake up thinking my nephews and nieces may not be able to see this beauty when they’re grown up. Four years of doing nothing.

“Our choices are less vulnerable than our environment”

I made a choice. “It’s simple: you start a business and you try to convince more and more people to wear organic fashion without compromising style and quality. There is an abundance of fashion on the rail, it’s cheap and not very durable. We owe it to our planet, to shift the paradigm of the conventional.”

Me and my mother, who plays an important role in matters of design and styles, are ambitious to extend our existing product portfolio by adding more sustainably made items. We agree that it’s worth to hike the thickest jungle, that it’s worth to listen to the screams of monkeys and that it’s worth to invest in change and wear 100% organic textiles. With the given possibilities we have today, our set goal won’t happen overnight. With 30% organic fashion that already offer in our product range, it’s not enough for us. We want to aim for 100% in the near future.

Yes, we are a small business player with a simple and authentic approach. We’re not here to become aloof, we’re humbled by what is given to us. And within the range of our opportunities and with continuity, we want to contribute with considerately to our environment. So that my nephews and nieces will be able to enjoy the beauty of this planet one day.

Do you feel electrified by our purpose? We’d be super thrilled if you join and support us on this mindful path.

After all, we want to make you feel accomplished, better than before, and every time you wear our allstridesin apparel, we want you to know that even a piece of dedicated garment does make a difference.